More than 50 patents testify to our propensity for continuous research and experimentation

Making innovation possible has always been part of our DNA. We try to innovate in terms of products, materials, functions and services, but always focusing on sustainability and consumer’s wellbeing.


We bring forward the future thanks to the advanced technology, to the 15 research institutions of our group and to our willingness to improve through constant trainings and skilled young employees.

We have always acknowledged Intellectual Property as a strategic asset, pivotal for innovation and competitiveness: the fact that we own more than 50 patents is a testimony of our inclination towards constant research and experimentation, aimed at guaranteeing to each one of our clients a competitive advantage in its sector.


For a long time, our company has protected the intellectual property of its innovations and inventions, in the three main continents. Fifty patents are in three majors products & systems. The LISA electronic combustion control (eGARC), MODULO electronic gas valve and MILKY WAY system (home comfort and Hybrids / Heat pumps management).