Milky Way Home Comfort

Flexible thermoregulation and distribution system for environmental comfort

It can operate autonomously on a single zone up to a multi-zone system with wireless communication and optimization of the heat request to the generator (boiler). It communicates with probes and actuators that manage traditional heating (and cooling) systems, radiant floor systems, thermostatic valves on radiators and fan coils. Management can also be climatic with the aid of a connected external probe.


The system is scalable and modular, composed by EASY-OT, METEO-RF, SENTO-RF, RADIATOR, PAVO (in different presence and number depending on the system configuration).

All these systems are "digitizable" to exchange information with the "CLOUD" and allow the user to manage his own comfort by smartphone (iPhone, Samsung etc.). In addition to the management via APP, the user can make use of the voice assistants Google, Alexa, SIRI and innovative GEOFENCING function.


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