Our aim is to offer efficient, innovative and customised solutions

We are committed to creating innovative and intelligent solutions for climate control, combustion and energy saving. Each of our customers wants to offer well-being, safety and satisfaction to the end users of their application, to be recognised as a leading sustainable partner.

Our aim is to offer efficient, innovative and tailor-made solutions that make each customer a benchmark in their sector. 


Values such as commitment and cooperation, together with the desire to improve, are part of us. We are aware that our main goal is customer satisfaction, which will always be our priority.

  • Customer orientation
  • Market leader
  • Technology and innovation
  • Quality and responsibility
  • Sustainability
  • Ethics and integrity

Giordano Controls is a global company, internationally competitive, dedicated to the design, production and marketing of innovative solutions that meet the needs of its customers in terms of safety, regulation and control in the field of home comfort.

Giordano Controls is aware of the importance of quality, innovation, safety, health and well-being of its people, respect for the environment, efficient energy management and sustainable development of its business and, therefore, integrates these areas into its management system.

Giordano Controls defines the challenges of the strategic period, objectives and indicators, in parallel with the mission, vision and corporate values.


The Company defines its management policy taking into account the above-mentioned points and commits to the following

  • establishing the management of quality, innovation, health, safety and welfare of people inside and outside the workplace, environment and energy as strategic elements in the operation of the company
  • meeting the applicable legal and regulatory requirements and comply with other requirements approved by the organisation, including the requirements of ISO 9001, the Organisational Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01 and the Code of Ethic;
  • ensuring the sustainable development of its business
  • understanding the needs and expectations of its customers in order to increase their satisfaction;
  • eliminating hazards, reducing risks and providing safe and healthy working conditions to ensure accident prevention in the company;
  • protecting and promoting the health, safety and well-being of people inside and outside the workplace, with a commitment to consulting and involving people and their representatives,
  • ensuring the sustainability of their working environment and participating in a positive way in the community;
  • protecting the environment and preventing pollution in order to reduce harmful environmental impacts;
  • supporting the procurement of energy efficient products and services and the development of energy efficient projects, products and processes;
  • ensure the availability of the information and resources needed to achieve the objectives;
  • developing training and awareness programmes and creating a working environment that facilitates the participation of the workforce in achieving the challenges and objectives and in the decision-making process of the management system;
  • maintain communication channels in order to understand the sensitivities of interest groups;
  • directing efforts towards the continuous improvement of the management system and the processes it encompasses, taking into account each of the areas to improve its performance.