The importance of sustainability for Giordano Controls

Giordano Controls is aware that sustainability is a competitive factor that has become central to the pursuit of economic development that takes into account and balances general, social and environmental well-being.

A concept that today has become central in every sphere, whether we are talking about business or finance, but also about consumers.

The concept of sustainability is linked to three pillars that make the development of economic activities and the protection of the environment compatible:

  • social sustainability - aimed at achieving security, health and justice, to ensure high levels of quality of life for citizens;
  • environmental sustainability - aimed at responsibility in the use of natural resources, ensuring their availability and quality;
  • economic sustainability - aimed at the ability to generate income and employment, thus ensuring economic efficiency and income for businesses.

The objective of sustainable development is, therefore, to maintain a constant balance in the relationship between the environment, the economy and society, in order to satisfy the needs of all and guarantee better living conditions for people.

A 2011 European Commission document states that sustainability is an important competitiveness factor: "a strategic approach to corporate social responsibility is increasingly important for competitiveness. It can bring benefits in terms of risk management, cost reduction, access to capital, customer relations, human resource management and innovation capacity'.

Giordano Controls operates in an industry where sustainability actions, especially towards the environment, are central.

As a strategic supplier to leading companies in the heating, combustion, environmental thermoregulation and alternative energy resources sectors - areas central to the fight against climate change, which includes both global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions and the resulting large-scale changes in weather patterns - Giordano Controls is an active player in the pathways of energy efficiency, lowering carbon dioxide levels (decarbonisation) and investing in the identification of innovative solutions for the integration of renewable energy sources.

EcoVadis Rating

Giordano Controls spa has received a 2021 performance evaluation from EcoVadis, the world's most trusted provider of corporate sustainability assessments. The overall rating places Giordano Controls in the top 25% of companies in the industry, recognized for its commitment to environmental performance.

EcoVadis' 'Silver' rating confirms a good position in the industry based on our sustainability goals and performance.
Giordano Controls is committed to continuous improvement by pursuing long-term sustainability goals.