Giordano Controls has a traditional top-down organisational structure

Giordano Controls has a traditional hierarchical organizational structure composed of Board of Directors, president of the Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer and Board of Auditors made of five members (of which two are deputies). The company adopted a code of conduct (code of ethics [NFR1]) and a model of organization, management and control [NFR2], in accordance with the legislative decree 8th June 2001, n.231. Giordano Controls supports and promotes every action aimed at guaranteeing that all its internal and external activities are conducted according to integrity and ethics’ principles.

The company recognizes as a fundamental principle the respect of the law, of the norms and of the regulations in force in all the countries where it operates. All its employees and everyone operating on its behalf must adopt a behavior inspired by transparency, integrity, honesty, fairness and good faith.

Through the adoption of a model of organization, management and control, in accordance with the legislative decree 231/01 and with the code of ethics, Giordano Controls spa is following a set of rules defining:

  • Responsible behavioural practices in line with the corporate goals, mostly referring to sustainability, health, safety and environment, that need to be conducted by managers, mayors, employees, suppliers, external collaborators, partners and everyone operating in the name of and on behalf of the company.
  • The organization and management of the company aimed at the implementation of an efficient and effective system for programming, executing and controlling the activities, such as to ensure the constant respect of the law, of the norms and of the regulations, in order to prevent its violation from any subject.

In reference to the organizational model, a supervisory Board is operating, which is composed by two authoritative independent members, whose job is that of overseeing the functioning and compliance with the organizational model itself and the code of ethics adopted by the company.

The Authority Guarantor of the Competition and of the Market (Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato) has decided to attribute to Giordano Controls the Rating of Legality [NFR3] with the following score: ★★++



ISO 9001 Certificate